Haute Design

This ad was photographed by Holger Obenaus and featured a new line of furniture they were offering.


Hugh Purcell, local Charleston hair stylist, opened his own shop. His eclectic style and unique approach gave us the fuel we needed to do something unique for him.

Sine Cera Salon

This was fun because, at the time, I didn't deal much with fashion or salons. That has since changed, but the photography on this ad was really nice. And the black and white aspect made it especially interesting.

Sweet Charleston Designs

Sweet Charleston Designs makes designing ads fun. The jewelry is beautiful handworked silver and gold and embodies the feel of Lowcountry baskets. The Shem Creek Collection is actually a line of jewelry just waiting to be snatched up by the right store. Right now you can find it in many small boutiques around the southeast.

Coco Vivo Interior Design, Fine Art, Antiques

Mary Phelps, owner of Coco Vivo, wanted a more standard style for her ads. This is the first ad in her new series.She has gotten good responses.

Coco Vivo Interior Design, Fine Art, Antiques

Mary Phelps, owner of Coco Vivo, wanted a more standard style for her ads. This is the second ad in her new series.

Ledford's Termite & Pest Control

Ledford's needed a way, quite frankly, to fit their ad and business into Charleston Style & Design magazine (normally filled with architects, interior designers, galleries, etc). We sought out a campaign that could mesh happy home life with a pest-free life. This was the spring-summer ad!

Ledford's Termite & Pest Control

In Ledford's fall-winter ad, we continued the campaign to mesh happy home life with a pest-free life. Who can go wrong with a mixture of kids and pets!

Stone Ridge Interiors

Erika Hayes has a very unique style. She can mix and match fabric and color and turn it into something beautiful. She needed an ad design that helped her energetic designs stand apart. This is the basic design we did for her. It varies with each image, but the general look stays the same.

Stone Ridge Interiors

This is the 4th in her series of interiors. This photo contained such a unique shot of all the bits of detail in this room. We couldn't quite fit the amazing ceiling in, but again, Erika has taken a small space and made something amazing with it. Holger Obenaus photographed her rooms.

Berlins for Women

Everything with this ad just fit together, from the image to the logo. It's nice to be able to do an eye-catching ad that has good, strong, graphic elements to it.

Lucinda Eden

Lucinda Robinson is the designer at Lucinda Eden. They had several bold images, this one stood out the best. The focus is always on the fashion!

AGM Imports

AGM is such a fun client. First of all, their job is to sell beautiful stone and natural material slabs for use in buildings, counters, bars, basically wherever your imagination takes you. It's only natural that their ads will also keep your imagination hopping!

AGM Imports

We never know what AGM is going to come up with, what type of slab they might send us. To be able to combine a beautiful stone slab with a canopy of live oaks was wonderful!

Elite Dance International Studio & Apparel

We get a new, energized photo each issue. In keeping with the same design, the image may swap left or right, color increases or decreases, and they seem to be growing in the classes they offer!

Elite Dance

Elite Dance International Studio and Apparel is located in Charleston. Needless to say, they were a first in their category for Charleston Style & Design. We came up with a general design, colorful, energetic, fun.

Embler's Jewelers

Embler's Jewelers has some exquisite pieces. Here we took a threesome and used a shot of material to get the effect. Of course, the material was a completely different color, but with saturation and other tricks of the trade, we found a color that worked well with the rings and allowed them to stand out properly.

Embler's Jewelers

Holger Obenaus photographed these stunning rings for Embler's. Their classic, high-end fine jewelry is always special to present.

Piccola Sorellia

This is a fun company with some great products for a pampered pet. Their color scheme and photography made this ad pretty easy to design. It's nice when the elements really come together to fit like a puzzle.

SM Ruggles

Sue Mac Ridgeway has a great online company called SM Ruggles, providing a very eclectic grouping of home interior items. This ad came to be, in spite of holidays, vacations, and the internet being down. This might be the moment we really realized the value of a smartphone!

The John M. Dunnan Gallery

This was a great departure for us. We don't get a lot of folk art advertisers. We did several varations and this was the one they went with. It really stood out in the issue!


Oxette is a wonderful family-owned jewelry store, carrying some of the edgiest stuff in Charleston. The photos come from their jewelry lines, so you never know just what you'll have to work with. But it's always stunning!

Julian Willimas Company - Blacksmith

Julian Williams is a fascinating blacksmith in Charleston. His work stretches from candlesticks and clocks to intricate iron gate work and iron refurbishing. We did two ads for him. He actually used the candlesticks for the Winter issue. These beautiful photos were shot by Dickson Dunlap.

Julian Willimas Company - Blacksmith

This ad forJulian Williams has not been used yet. Hopefully it will be in a later issue.

Anna Lassiter Fashion Designer

After introducing fashion into Charleston Style & Deisgn, we began doing several ads for designers. Anna's dresses are very hip and edgy, yet they are still for very formal occasions. We portrayed her in the grunge/edgy style she designs into her clothing, while still giving her a classy feminine look to the ad.

Croghans Jewel Box

Croghans is another Charleston family-owned business, 100 years old. This is the first ad we've done for them that included pieces that were a little more edgy. They gave us several to choose from so we mixed and matched until we had a good combination.

Dr. Richart, DMD

Dr. Richart does everything from basic dental work to beautiful restorative dental work. They are in the business of beautiful, healthy smiles. So, that's what we feature in their ads. This one was especially nice for the fall and winter seasons.

Embler's Jewelry

This time Embler's provided us with a beautiful image to use. We're tryhing to maintain a general look for them, regardless of whether the photo is taken for them or given to them by a vendor. They seem to be enjoying success from their ads.

Maison Sud

Maison Sud is a new furniture store in Charleston, in the same vein as Restoration Hardware. They have beaufiful furniture, eclectic, somewhat Americana, and affordable (without being "cheap") for the southern home. Holger Obenaus shot their image and we worked with them for the look they desired.

Lowcountry Laserworks

Dr. Roberta Karnofsky has a laser boutique in Charleston. She was looking for a creative look and so we focused on the fact that people often see a lot of mystery behind what happens in laser surgery and cosmetic laser procedures. Dr. Karnofsky makes the process painless, fun, and a whole-health experience.

Inspiring Interiors

Sadie Speedy at Inspiring Interiors has an extremely unique, contemporary, take-no-prisoners design sense. We reworked her ad with photographer Holger Obenaus to come up with a design for her that works.

Mevers Kichen and Bath

Mevers sells high-end traditional to contemporary kitchens. They go between full page and 2/3 page ads. We came up with a deisgn that works for both sizes.

East Coast Dermatology Ad

This was a first-time advertiser who had not opened yet, had not produced anything more than their logo at the time. We came up with the tagline for them and located the image to work with it.

European Reflections for Veranda Magazine

This company takes decorative pieces from other furniture, mantels, etc, and creates an entirely new mirror with it. They were introducing this line in Veranda. They recieved a stack of calls and orders from subscriptions, before the first issue hit the stands

Tucker Payne Antiques Ad

This is the third in a series of strong ads featuring special items from Tucker Payne Antiques. The amazing photo is by Dickson Dunlap.

AGM Imports

This company has a fantastic campaign going where they mix their beautiful marble slabs in with a nature shot... thus the "Masterpiece of Nature" theme. This time they chose to go with a winter theme.

Southern Accent Interiors

A first-time advertiser who has begun a design bsuiness. We wrote the tagline for her to get her started with her first official ad. Photography by Dickson Dunlap.

Shem Creek Music

Shem Creek Music covers a wide variety of instruments, including high-end Gibsons. They wanted a classy look to their ad to show off the gold Gibson.

Telluride Blues & Brews 2010 ad campaign

We began with the blue guitar image. As the list of performers grew, we made changes to accommodate. The black ad was the very last ad of a series of nearly 30 ads.

Designer Carpets

This ad was designed for a client offering high-end carpet. We wanted a photo and carpet that was livable and classic and beautiful. The ad is working for the client.

Not Just Fabrics

Dickson Dunlap shot this photo for Harper Correa at Not Just Fabrics. They offer fabric and wallpaper combinations for a full-service retail design center. This ad managed to have simplicity beside grandeur by mixing the solids and patterns.

Bella Fabrics & More ad

This was a one-time advertiser in Atlanta Style & Design. We wanted something that said classy and also pulled in some nice winter/holiday colors for this brand new fabric center.