Los Lonely Boys La Onda Street Team Logo

A dynamic logo representing a powerful fan base for one of the best bands out there, Los Lonely Boys.

Soulhound Groovy Logo

A classic soul/rock band in the Atlanta area — Soulhound wanted a groovy logo for a shirt, and we gave them one!

Joe Bonamassa Street Team Logo

Originally designed using a Gibson headstock. Joe switched to a Fender so it had to be redone with the new headstock.

Bethel UMC 150th Logo

We plastered this logo on everything from mugs, to fans, to memory books, to plates. We wanted to capture the heart and soul of Bethel—ministry and mission—and carry that through using the heart/cross symbol.

The Oil Challenge

Sometimes you get to do something, just for the fun of it. A fellow Facebook/art friend challenged us to illustrate OIL.

Blue Media Group Logo

Blue Media Group worked diligently to shine a spotlight on the arts and theatre in metro Atlanta. They worked with the National Black Arts Festival, the Atlanta Jazz Festival, and multiple art and theatre groups around town. Atlanta ShowGuide along with other publications related to the arts continue this tradition. Blue Media Group wanted a logo that didn't force them into any one area of art. Thus we did an image that has a corporate look but also contains a brush stroke, moving character, signifying visual, dance and theatre.

The Tex Mex Experience Logo

This band is the brainchild of Shawn Sahm, son of famous Tex-Mex bandleader Doug Sahm. They wanted a new logo that captured the flavor of their band. We combined an old Spanish-style font along with the main instruments that create the Tex-Mex sound, threw in some lively colors and ended up with their logo. This project also led to our first full CD package design.

Soulfull Hearts Logo

Soulfull Hearts was a gospel/country duo from Georgia, making their way among Nashville's elite to break into the gospel music scene. Half of the duo, Leslie Waites, passed away since this logo was created. Sadly, there will not be more to come for this duo.

Pink Granite Productions Logo

Pink Granite Productions is a publishing and promotions company for artists, musicians and writers.

Aquatech Logo

This was a rework. They wanted it similar to the original, to have the same feel. So we kept a bit of a retro look.

Copasetic Communications and Magazine

This is a project that never completely came to fruition. A company that exists only on paper. It is the brainchild of a local politician in the Atlanta metro area.

Robert Randolph art

A fun submission for Robert Randolph and the Family Band t-shirt design. Nothing is more fun than trying to design a shirt or logo for something you love, like a particular band. It's a great outlet.

Per-Lee Construction Logo

Per-Lee Construction wanted to incorporate their letters into an image as it's main identifier, to be used more independently as the company grows.

Envoy Group Logo

Envoy Group began as a dream of creating an organization who would connect philanthropists and missionaries and mission teams together to complete long-term mission projects. The direction of the company shifted some and their focus is now on a particular mission in Africa. They wanted a logo that invoked trust and a corporate look.

Language Play with RK Reeves & Associates

This was a logo for a specific program created by Rebecca K. Reeves for parents and children 2 and under to use language and words to help their child develop solid language skills early.

Awesome Blossom Festival Logo

This festival takes place in May every year. They wanted festive and spring.


A fun poster idea for a very fun band, capturing an iconic moment on stage that happens in every show.